RTDS 2nd Annual Golf Tournamnet with Photo Booth - Winnipeg

This is the second year that I'm covering this event and it's been crazy fun both times. They hire me to capture all of the action of the day plus they also hire my photo booth. Golf tournaments have many factors to take into consideration when setting up an outdoor photo booth with instant printing and social media options. This is my third golf tournament that I've had on one of the hole's and it's rained 2 of the 3 times but we were prepared for it and it was a huge hit. We also brought a completely different setup in case we had to set it up inside. Here is just one image from many this day.

winnipeg event photo booth-03.jpg

First image from my new photo booth setup

Here's one of my favoutite images from last night's photo booth setup at The Dream Factory Auction. It always helps to have a bunch of crazies in the shot :) I tried my new setup and it worked perfectly! Now to get ready for today's event, The CCME conference. I'll be photographing this one for the next 3 days and then 5 straight days at the Outlet Collect grand opening week. For those keeping track, that will be 14 straight days of shooting at least one event a day. My holidays came to a halt very quickly :) RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg The Dream Factory

Winnipeg Green Screen Photo Booth

Iron Bunny Shoot

Anyone that knows Cheryl knows that she's in great shape. So during these Iron Bunny shoots we do the fitness shots but I love getting these healthy lifestyle images too

Fitness photography in winnipeg

Flower Girl

I was shooting the bride and groom during their ceremony when I looked over my right shoulder and saw this little flower girl roaming the aisles. I think that's about as cute as it gets...and for me, great subject, perfect lighting and narrow depth of field all add up to one great pic for me. There were lots of other children at this wedding and we went nuts of kid candids.

Flower girl at winnipeg wedding

Lauren's 30th Birthday House Party with our photo booth

Our photo booth was another huge success at Lauren's birthday party. Whether you are having a smaller event like this one or a huge gala event, out Prime Time Photo Booth is sure to be a BIG hit with everyone. Everyone will be impressed with how fast you get your prints, the quality and the option to e-mail, Facebook, Text or twitter right on the spot. Give us a call if you are looking for something to add fun to your event/party. You actually have to see how this really works to get it. There is more information, samples and pricing on my site in the PHOTO BOOTH section. As more people hear about us, we are growing swiftly here in the Winnipeg photo booth market.

Concordia Foundation 32nd Annuel Gala

It was a great honour photographing/documenting this event here in Winnipeg at the RBC Convention Centre. This year they were honouring Mr Abdo (Albert) El Tassi. I have photographed him in the past at other events but never really got to know anything about him. At this event, I got to meet him and hear all about him. It's a great life story and he's a great inspiration of how to live your life :) It was good to see our Mayor, Brian Bowman, Chief of Police, Devon Clunis there also.

Our new Prime Time Social Booth

Manuel Sousa Photography brings state-of-the-art, high speed, high quality and professionalism to any open air photo booth experience in Winnipeg and surrounding area.
With our Social booth, not only will you get fast, high quality images but your guests will also be able to text, Facebook or even e-mail their images to themselves right on the spot (based on internet availability). This is all done right after the image is taken. They can see their images on a nice large 24" touch screen monitor where the interactive portion all starts smile emoticon This totally adds to any function and makes it even more fun.
Our Prime Time Social Booths are perfect for weddings, Proms, corporate events, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Christmas parties, graduation ceremonies, birthday, holiday party, anniversary, sweet 16, social, festival, product launch, release party, costume party, fundraisers, trade shows or any other special event.

Colour or Balck and White

I was raised on printing my own black and white prints (my photographer hero was Ansel Adams) and have always loved a good black and white print with great tones. When I went digital, things started to change and now I absolutely love colour. I like the subtle colour look but really love punching my colours when I can. Here is a sample of an image that I just love in colour but today decided to convert it to black and white and I love how that looks too :) I have this image as a 4 foot x 6 foot metal image on my walls in my house in colour. I just enabled my comments for this post and would love to hear any thoughts you may have on this :)


Shannon and Steven's wedding in Mexico - Iberostar Tucan Mayan Riviera

Shannon and Steven are the perfect couple for a photographer. They trusted me to get the photos on their wedding day and left it up to me to get the best scenery and family/friend photos. Most destination weddings are usually the first time that a photographed has been there so it's always great to get there a few days early and check out the locations at the time of the events to see what the light will be like. By getting there early, you also get to hang out with the couple, family and friends so that the photo session doesn't feel like a photo session but a bunch of friends taking pictures :) In this case, they also got the local photographer as part of their package. I was a little worried when they told me about this (just so that we don't get in each others way) but I introduced myself to him right away and we got along famously. He was only there for the ceremony portion and couples that hire me for their destination weddings want much more then just that :)

Wonderful Wedding Show winners from 2014

It's getting close to that time of year again, The Wonderful Wedding Show (January 17 & 18). I was starting to work on it when I started thinking about last years Dream Wedding winners Karen and Jeremy. That brought back absolutely awesome memories of that day. Fantastic couple, wedding party and families. Here is a quick video that i put together to share part of that day with you Bel Acres Golf and Country Club Winnipeg MB Fort Gibraltar Cake Studio A Dream...Wedding & Events Platinum Productions Mallabar Apparels Exclusive Bus Lines Pelo Loco Salon and Spa




I shoot many corporate events and for the most part, I have no clue what they do with the images once I've handed them to the client. When I first started shooting corporate events on film, it was much different then it is now. We use to have more control of how and where our images would be used. Now, once you hand over the hi-res files, you have no clue where they could end up. Today I saw another one of my events that I covered recently in the Winnipeg FreePress. Last week when I went to a Winnipeg Jets game, I saw that they were using my images from the Winnipeg Jets Gala in there "In Flight" brochure that they hand out during the game. And just before that, I saw my images used in a WRHA brochure. The U of M also used one of my images for an ad on the side of a bus. There are many more and probably more then I know of but for now, here are those images

Diana and Emmanuel's Wedding

Diana and Emmanuel are such a nice, quiet couple so i thought that the rest of their wedding party would be too...I WAS WRONG!...LOL...everyone at this wedding was a blast to be with. No shortage of ideas and energy at this wedding. Thanks you Diana and Emmanuel (Manny) for letting me be part of your great day :) This was a Filipino wedding photographed here in Winnipeg.

Jasue and Prince's East Indian Wedding in Winnipeg

This was an absolutely an amazing wedding. I t was what I was hoping it would be. To start out with, Jasue and Prince are awesome. They have the best smiles ever. There wedding party (mostly from out west), were a blast to hang out with. The families all treated me like family :) 
East Indian weddings are already pretty colourful but I love it when I have props to play with. Here is my list of props from this wedding. 2 stretch limos, 1 stretch Rolls Royce, 2 transit buses, 1 helicopter, 1 horse, 7 piece Scottish pipe band. They had their reception in Edmonton

Wendy and Roger - Then and Now

I photographed Wendy Lehmann Simoens and Roger Simoens' wedding in Winnipeg back in October 1, 1994. It`s now 20 years later and i got the great privilege of photographing their family. It was absolutely so great to see them again. I loved that they brought their wedding album for me to look at :) More great family photos to come :) I had to go WAY back in my files (negatives) to find this image and then scan it in.

Bright Colour vs Vintage Stlye

Jayelle and Benji's wedding in Niverville, Manitoba. My photography here in Winnipeg is best known for it's bright, vibrant colours in my images. When Jayelle hired me, she mentioned that she was interested in more of the vintage style. I like vintage style too but still prefer the bright colours more. It's all a preference. Here are a few samples from Jayelle and Benji's wedding. I actually had to over expose and flatten the histogram in Lightroom to get the vintage look. So much for getting my images lit perfectly and colour balanced too :) I actually think that the understanding of good light and colour balance is getting to be a lost art. The first 2 images I left as full colour and the rest are all softened with a bit of a washed out look. One I sepia toned for a different look.

Winnipeg wedding photography

Submitting images to magazines

Being a Winnipeg wedding photographer, I don't advertise nationally but do locally. I don't usually submit images/weddings to magazines but I decided to this time. I strongly recommend that you do it as far as your business is concerned. The Magazine is Weddingbells and they used 2 of my weddings Mimi Waldman Hildahl and Tom Hildahl's wedding, and Mara Ostrove and Benji Ostrove's wedding. Plus they used one of my images for the intro page of the Manitoba section.  I already had a full page ad in there and now it's like getting another 3 full pages of advertising at no additional cost (other then just my time on selecting the images). The magazine isn't out on store shelves yet so now would be a good time to start and keep records to see if this extra exposure will help and if so, how much will it help.

This was the image that they chose for the intro page of the Manitoba section

This was the image that they chose for the intro page of the Manitoba section

These are the images and story that they chose from Miriam and Tom's wedding here in Winnipeg.

These are the images and story that they chose from Miriam and Tom's wedding here in Winnipeg.

These are the images and story that they chose from Mara and Benji's wedding here in Winnipeg.

These are the images and story that they chose from Mara and Benji's wedding here in Winnipeg.

And this was the ad that I have in there now. It's a little different then my usual ad but I like the feel of it.

And this was the ad that I have in there now. It's a little different then my usual ad but I like the feel of it.

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Why You Should Think Outside The Box For Your Wedding Photos

The best memories are the unique experiences you find yourself in, and how much fun you’re having at that moment in time. When you think back to your wedding, what are the most precious moments to you? These are once in a lifetime experiences that cannot be duplicated. When documenting your special day through photography, capturing those tailored split-second moments is important, but doing it in such a way to help embolden the moment makes the memory even more potent.

I enjoy helping you think outside the box for both traditional and individualized weddings and receptions to find a unique, one of a kind photo.

winnipeg wedding photography

The first way to do so? Take advantage of your surroundings! Winnipeg is a beautiful city offering hidden gems for wonderful backdrops and photo-shoots. Whether it’s a skyline, a landmark, or a traditional place close to your heart, fitting in poignant backgrounds is a great way to frame a picture. Whatever is unique about the location you’re in should be considered for an added element to the photo.

What should you do? Casual shots both before, during, and after the ceremony give an overall sense of perception as opposed to staged photos. Yes, collective shots of the wedding party are essential, but so are pictures of the bride’s reaction moments before she walks down the aisle, or what the groom’s parents look like moments after the vows are traded? How about the best man at the reception as he prepares for the toast? These are all critical moments of your special day adding to the totality of the atmosphere.

If the standard and stereotypical wedding photos are the cake, then the extra unique shots are the icing on that cake! Feel free to give me a call to talk about photographing your wedding party and reception in the Winnipeg area.

Come back to check out my blog as I continue to post. Don’t be afraid to subscribe or leave a comment.  Are there any topics you’d like me to write about?  Sound off below!

Post by Manuel Sousa at Manuel F. Sousa Photography