Why You Should Think Outside The Box For Your Wedding Photos

The best memories are the unique experiences you find yourself in, and how much fun you’re having at that moment in time. When you think back to your wedding, what are the most precious moments to you? These are once in a lifetime experiences that cannot be duplicated. When documenting your special day through photography, capturing those tailored split-second moments is important, but doing it in such a way to help embolden the moment makes the memory even more potent.

I enjoy helping you think outside the box for both traditional and individualized weddings and receptions to find a unique, one of a kind photo.

winnipeg wedding photography

The first way to do so? Take advantage of your surroundings! Winnipeg is a beautiful city offering hidden gems for wonderful backdrops and photo-shoots. Whether it’s a skyline, a landmark, or a traditional place close to your heart, fitting in poignant backgrounds is a great way to frame a picture. Whatever is unique about the location you’re in should be considered for an added element to the photo.

What should you do? Casual shots both before, during, and after the ceremony give an overall sense of perception as opposed to staged photos. Yes, collective shots of the wedding party are essential, but so are pictures of the bride’s reaction moments before she walks down the aisle, or what the groom’s parents look like moments after the vows are traded? How about the best man at the reception as he prepares for the toast? These are all critical moments of your special day adding to the totality of the atmosphere.

If the standard and stereotypical wedding photos are the cake, then the extra unique shots are the icing on that cake! Feel free to give me a call to talk about photographing your wedding party and reception in the Winnipeg area.

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Post by Manuel Sousa at Manuel F. Sousa Photography