Shannon and Steven's wedding in Mexico - Iberostar Tucan Mayan Riviera

Shannon and Steven are the perfect couple for a photographer. They trusted me to get the photos on their wedding day and left it up to me to get the best scenery and family/friend photos. Most destination weddings are usually the first time that a photographed has been there so it's always great to get there a few days early and check out the locations at the time of the events to see what the light will be like. By getting there early, you also get to hang out with the couple, family and friends so that the photo session doesn't feel like a photo session but a bunch of friends taking pictures :) In this case, they also got the local photographer as part of their package. I was a little worried when they told me about this (just so that we don't get in each others way) but I introduced myself to him right away and we got along famously. He was only there for the ceremony portion and couples that hire me for their destination weddings want much more then just that :)